About Krüger Kaldnes

Krüger Kaldnes is a specialist within water treatment and has been a contributor in revolutionising land-based aquaculture during the last 20 years, continuously focusing on fish welfare. 

Krüger Kaldnes was established in 1989. We are currently 75 employees in Norway, amongst the headquarter in Sandefjord and the branch office in Drammen. In 2007, Krüger Kaldnes became part of the global French group, Veolia, headquartered in Paris. Veolia Group employs 180,000 people and has a turnover of NOK 300 billion. Today, Krüger Kaldnes is an independent business unit within one of Veolia’s business areas, Water Technologies – a world-leading player in water purification with 9,500 employees.

We service our customers by taking the role of consultant, contractor and supplier of equipment, services and offer a large selection of world-leading technologies within recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for both the national and international land-based aquaculture industry. We also specialise in processing drinking water, and treating municipal and industrial wastewater. The Kaldnes™MBBR technology has revolutionised the water and wastewater sector, and has been implemented in over 550 facilities in over 45 countries worldwide.

Municipal & Industrial References

2004  Oil & Gas - Ormen Lange

2009  Oil & Gas - Kollsnes 

2010  Treatment plant - Holen, Bergen

2010  Treatment plant - Ytre Sandviken, Bergen

2011  Industry: Borregaard

2016  Nedre Romerike drainage, OREA

2016  Tønsbergfjorden drainage 

2018  Nordre Follo - Nitrogen removal (AnitaMox),

Our story
Moving bed biofilm reactor

The story begins in 1985, when Professor Hallvard Ødegaard at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) started researching a new idea for cleaning water.


Prof. Hallvard Ødegaard

The result of his extensive research was a new technology for processing wastewater called Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR). Today Kaldnes MBBR is one of the most advanced biological processes for cleaning wastewater and one of the most significant environmental success stories in Norway. Throughout the years, we still have close contact with established research environments such as (NTNU) in Trondheim. 


Patent, awards and acquisitions 

In Tønsberg, Norway 1989, Kaldnes Miljøteknologi was established to commercialize and patent MBBR in 1991. Kaldnes Miljøteknologi originated from a company called Kaldnes Mekaniske Verksted, which dates back to 1899.

In 1994 Kaldnes MBBR was installed in the Olympic City in Lillehammer, Norway, and in 1995, Anglian Water acquired Kaldnes Miljøteknologi. 

Kaldnes MBBR is one the best documented biological processes for cleaning municipal wastewater. There is no exaggeration in claiming that the Kaldnes MBBR process probably is the largest environmental success in Norway within the water and sewerage sector. So much so that Kaldnes Miljøteknologi won the “Stockholm Industry Water Award” in 2001, and in 2002, Anglian Water was acquired by Swedish-based company Anox AB. 

In 2004, Anox AB and Kaldnes Miljøteknologi changed its name to AnoxKaldnes. In 2005, AnoxKaldnes AS acquired JO Water Technology AS and strengthened their position within the market.


Resourcing the world with Veolia

In 2007, the global French group Veolia acquired AnoxKaldnes and in 2008, the company changed its name to Krüger Kaldnes AS.


1985  Professor Hallvard Ødegaard starts researching MBBR
1986  Anox AB was established in Lund in Sverige
1989  Kaldnes Miljøteknologi AS is established in Tønsberg, Norway
1990  The first MBBR facility is delivered
1991  Global patent application is granted for MBBR
1994  Installation of Kaldnes MBBR in the Olympic City in Lillehammer
1995  The company becomes 100 percent owned by Anglian Water
2000  Anox AB in Sverige acquires 15 percent of the Kaldnes Miljøteknologi AS
2001  A new department is established in Rhode Island, USA
2001  Award winner of “Stockholm Industry Water Award”
2002  Anox AB acquires 100 percent of the stocks of Kaldnes Miljøteknologi AS
2004  The company changes its name to AnoxKaldnes AS
2005  AnoxKaldnes AS acquires JO Water Technology AS
2005  A new department is established in Beijing, China
2006  Branch office at Hegnasletta in Sandefjord, Norway
2007  100 percent owned by the French group Veolia Water Technologies
2008  Changes name to Krüger Kaldnes AS, and establishes aquaculture as business area
2009  Celebrating 20 years anniversary
2017  Branch office at Nordre Fokserød in Sandefjord, Norway


Sandefjord HQ

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