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Our mission: Resourcing the world

We live in a world that increasingly needs to take care of its resources. To support the harmonious and sustainable development of our societies, satisfy everyone’s needs, protect our ways of life, fight the effects of climate change. That’s the true meaning of Veolia's mission: Resourcing the world.





75 Krüger Kaldnes employees are waiting for you to join them in their pursuit of a common goal: to value water resources around the world and balance protecting this precious ecosystem with the needs of customers. There are many different personalities and skillsets making up our workforce, with a plethora of career paths to match – a key value proposition for joining Krüger Kaldnes. You’ll get a chance to develop your talent locally or abroad, with in-depth training programs and exposure to our network of collaborators – including water treatment experts, technicians and commercially savvy executives.

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Krüger Kaldnes has offices in Sandefjord and Drammen, Norway and currently employs a total of 75 people. We are part of the Veolia Group, an international company which employs 180,000 highly skilled workers who design and deliver water, waste and energy solutions developing, preserving and replenishing resources throughout the world. Krüger Kaldnes prides itself on having an exciting, international and diverse working environment with plenty of career opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

At Krüger Kaldnes, professional and personal development is prioritised. Health, safety and the environment is integrated in all our actions. Moreover, both Veolia and Krüger Kaldnes are committed to offering our customers sustainable solutions. In Veolia’s new strategic plan, Impact 2023,  we set an ambitious goal to be a reference company for organic transformation. 


Multidisciplinary experts

On a global scale, people are consuming more fish than ever before. This trend is due to the growth and development of sustainable land-based aquaculture, which causes less impact on the environment and builds a better economy. Land-based aquaculture is a rapid growing industry where demand for products and services are expected to increase significantly over the next twenty years.

Krüger Kaldnes offers world-class solutions for land-based aquaculture. Our solutions are designed by multidisciplinary engineering experts to help customers produce healthy and robust fish. Our goal is to improve resource management, quality monitoring, and sustainable and efficient operations.

As land-based aquaculture facilities continue to grow in scale, Krüger Kaldnes has the expertise to deliver on larger projects. We have delivered more than twenty facilities including the two largest smolt facilities in the world, Helgeland Smolt and Lerøy Sjøtroll. 


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Meet our resourcers

Xena Brooks (27), born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, is a Process Engineer at Krüger Kaldnes. 


What is your education? 
Marine Science Honours, The University of Queensland.

Where did you come from before you started here? 
Before moving to Norway and joining Krüger Kaldnes, I was the founder of an aquaponic startup in Australia and led the company through two successful funding rounds, raising AU$21,000. Before that, I was the nursery supervisor at Hudson Valley Fish Farm in New York. 

Why did you choose Krüger Kaldnes?
After attending several conferences and being Introduced to members of the Krüger Kaldnes team, I was impressed with their passion for advancing aquaculture and felt that with my hands-on experience and scientific background, I could contribute to the forefront of the industry. 

What is the best part of working in Krüger Kaldnes?
It is great being part of a great team! We learn from each other every day and are passionate about what we do. 

Sharada Navada (30), born and raised in Mumbai, India, is a Process Engineer at Krüger Kaldnes.


What is your education? 
I have a Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering. I am currently pursuing a PhD (doctoral degree) in biological water treatment at NTNU, and just submitted my doctoral thesis in November 2020. 

Where did you come from before you started here?
I took my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering in India. Thereafter, I moved to the USA to pursue a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. After completing my Masters, I started working as a process engineer at Veolia, USA (Pittsburgh, PA). I worked there from 2013-2015, and then took an internal transfer to Veolia Norway (Krüger Kaldnes) in January 2016. 

Why did you choose Krüger Kaldnes?
I chose Veolia in the US because I wanted to work as an environmental engineer, especially within water treatment. Veolia USA was one of the best in this sector - it had many brilliant people who had developed several innovative patents and technologies. In the US, I had the opportunity to collaborate on an aquaculture project with Krüger Kaldnes, and to visit their office in Norway. I really liked working with the people in Krüger Kaldnes. I also had a great experience during my visit in Norway. So when considering an internal transfer within Veolia, I chose Krüger Kaldnes. 

What is the best part of working in Krüger Kaldnes?
Everyday brings interesting and novel challenges. I like the fact that my colleagues are motivated and enterprising. It is wonderful that there is always something new to discover and the potential to develop innovative solutions. 

Jørgen Ness (43), born in Sandefjord, is an Accounting Manager at Krüger Kaldnes. 


What is your education? 
In 2000, I completed my MBE (Master of Business and Economics) from BI. And in 2006, I became an authorised accountant.

Where did you come from before you started here? 
Before I started working at Krüger Kaldnes, I worked as a Finance Manager at the Quality Hotel Grand Farris in Larvik for five years. Prior to that, I worked as a Controller & Finance Manager within the cooling industry, and I also have experience from an accountant office. 

Why did you choose Krüger Kaldnes?
Working for an international organisation where reporting and communication occur on a global scale sounded exciting. Krüger Kaldnes is a large company within an exciting industry, and I strongly believe in aquaculture and land-based fish farming. I think this is a very forward-looking industry with great growth potential. Becoming a part of a new environment, where I can collaborate with others within the financial area, was also important to me. At Krüger Kaldnes, there are a lot of exciting processes going on, and no two days are the same.

What is the best part of working in Krüger Kaldnes?
The best part about working here is coming into contact with many people with various competence and backgrounds. Moreover, I get the opportunity to learn, manage responsibility and I am given the necessary trust to do my job.

Tom Haslum (50), born and raised in Kragerø, is Head of Project and Site Management Department at Krüger Kaldnes. 


What is your education? I received a certificate of apprenticeship as an instrument technician at Elkem Pea in Porsgrunn when I was 21 years old. Then, I earned a Bachelor's degree in automation technique and completed a master’s degree process automation in 2000.  I continue to learn to stay updated in relevant disciplines to perform my tasks at Krüger Kaldnes well. As a result, I have studied these four master subjects within organisation and management: Strategy & Technology Management, Organisation & Change, Digitisation & Digital Transformation, and Management & Project Ownership.

Where did you come from before you started here? Before Krüger Kaldnes, I worked for Guard Automation AS, from 2004 to April 2020. As COO at Guard, I was in charge of project management, service & support and engineering. Moreover, I was responsible for all project deliveries. I have definitely incorporated my experiences at Guard into my new role at Krüger Kaldnes.

Why did you choose Krüger Kaldnes?
I was familiar with Krüger Kaldnes, since I had collaborated with the company on several projects. I was very impressed with the project managers I met, so I did not hesitate to consider working for Krüger Kaldnes when the opportunity presented itself. I find aquaculture technology, large multidisciplinary project deliveries and the opportunity to participate in project development very interesting. I was also very well received by the CEO and Innovation Director, who have a vision of becoming the leading supplier of land-based fish farms. Meeting these people convinced me that Krüger Kaldnes and its management are targeted, committed and reliable in their ambitions. 

What is the best part of working in Krüger Kaldnes?
The best part about working here is contributing to Krüger Kaldnes' goal of becoming a leader within land-based fish farming. Our multidisciplinary and competent environment is highly motivating and working together towards a common goal with so many skilled people is very rewarding.



At Krüger Kaldnes, we’re well aware of the issues and major environmental challenges of our century. Whatever function we’re serving for our customers, we’re driven by the desire to meet these challenges head on – using our skills for the good of the environment and preserving water resources. Internally, developing the skills and careers of our employees, as well as ensuring they have a safe place to work, are our priorities.


Our technologies are the foundation of our expertise. We take a structured approach to innovation, aiming to find new solutions that meet the needs of our customers while preparing our company for the years to come. By joining Krüger Kaldnes, you’ll play an active role in this evolution.


Every solution is important to us – regardless of the size or nature of the project. Driven by a desire to satisfy our customers and achieve results we can be proud of, we always work with determination and passion to ensure every project is a success.


We’ve established ourselves as the benchmark company for water treatment on the international scene – thanks to the expertise and cultural richness of our teams. At Krüger Kaldnes, we consider the diversity of our staff a real asset.


Distributed around the world and made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, our teams rely on the power of collaboration to make a real difference. Trust, knowledge sharing and skills form the foundations of project-based work – and collaboration is the key to unlocking success.


The emerging digital age has radically transformed the way we work and collaborate together. As an integral part of our culture, digitisation facilitates collaborative work, data optimisation and transversal interactions. It also brings us agility and speed that we provide to our customers.


Your experience

Krüger Kaldnes is proud to be a responsible business. Maintaining a fulfilling working environment, ensuring respect for our values and supporting our employees to manage their careers effectively are our key priorities for our human resources team.

In Krüger Kaldnes we don’t consider any career to be linear and straightforward. The diversity of our multidiscipline operations, businesses and networks lets us offer stimulating and diversified career opportunities for those keen to make a difference. Our mission is to break down silos, promote collaboration and push the boundaries of what’s possible.
Per Håkon Stenhaug
HR Manager

We consider diversity a real asset in achieving our goals, and make it a priority to value the multitude of career paths, training and personalities of our employees.

Whatever your academic background, career history and skills, it’s your attitude that makes the biggest difference when trying to find your place within our organisation – and the individual role you can play in our teams and projects.

Diversified, numerous and borderless career paths

There is no set career path to trace. Completely the opposite, in fact. There are as many different career paths as there are individuals in our teams. Depending on your skills, experience and professional aspirations, it is up to you to define the path your career will take throughout your professional life – and you’ll have the freedom to do so at your own pace.

We share your vision by promoting training, sharing skills and encouraging internal mobility. As part of our desire to break down silos, we actively seek to bridge gaps between our different businesses as well as across departments and borders. Join Krüger Kaldnes and you’ll gain access to this exclusive network of highly skilled water treatment professionals.

Career evolution

As much as possible, we encourage and develop professional mobility in all its forms: functional mobility, transversal, geographical, etc. For us, everything is possible. Request a transfer and go to work and live in a new country or city. Or rise through the ranks within our headquarters and various operational entities. Change your specialisation. Use our resources to find your place in a totally new department.

As the main driver of your career and mobility, you’ll benefit from the support of our dedicated teams who can advise and support you in defining and implementing your projects.

Training throughout your working life

We run many training programs throughout the year, focusing on technical know-how as well as interpersonal skills. Available in every country we operate in, catering to transversal and managerial needs, our programs are designed to help promote and develop skills to support the employability of all our employees – regardless of hierarchical level or area of expertise. In line with the evolution of our organisation and context of our operations, we create, adjust and remodel our internal training offerings to match market needs.