A sustainable water supply, the treatment of drinking water and the transformation of wastewater into a resource are issues taking center stage for many industries and public authorities today. In order to meet these challenges, Krüger Kaldnes is an essential partner for water technologies – with a range of high-end services designed to meet your exact requirements.

Global expertise in water services

Veolia Water Technologies develops and implements innovative and efficient municipal water and industrial water treatment solutions for thousands of customers around the world. Our patented technologies include, among others, microfiltration and lamellar settling techniques, wastewater treatment and sludge management processes (such as anaerobic digestion, solar drying, etc), biogas production as well as the desalination of seawater.

Whether you’re in charge of providing a sustainable water supply for a local authority or guaranteeing a high-quality level of process water, our engineering teams can design fixed and mobile water treatment units to suit your precise specifications. We can install requested solutions/equipment with a large variety of services that help optimise expenditure as well as your overall water footprint.

We can be your single point of contact:

  • Projects
  • equipment
  • Spare parts
  • Audit
  • Engineering

Expertise exported all over the world    

Krüger Kaldnes services expertise extends to all water businesses and includes a wide range of services:

  • Small projects (< 10 MNOK) We deliver projects under the following standards: NS 8405, NS8406, NS8407, NLM10 og NL17.
  • Maintenance on equipment
  • Urgent Repairs
  • Service agreements (Maintenance, process optimisations, Audit of the plant, Response agreements (SCADA and Mekanikel) 
  • Pilot units for testing onsite. (Flotation, Filtration, MBBR)
  • Audit
  • Commissioning
  • Guarantee work
  • (Re) engineering of installations
  • Spare parts. We can be a customer's single point of contact when it comes to spare parts for the whole facility.
  • Mobile water treatment units that meet all temporary and emergency requirements
  • The renowned Veolia after-sales services including operational assistance, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance of your entire installation.

Krüger Kaldnes services is the main provider i Norway for the following products:

  • Musling (flotation)
  • Hydrotech filter
  • Alfa Laval Decanter
  • Biomedie (K1, K3, K5, Flake??..)

Why choose Krüger Kaldnes services?

The expert services provided by our engineering teams are suitable for all industrial and public customers, enabling you to:    

  • Optimize the capacity, availability and uptime of your water treatment and drinking water supply facilities,
  • Anticipate and more efficiently manage supply disruptions and other emergencies,
  • Maintain water quality and output at optimized performance levels,
  • Improve the environmental impact of facilities, and in some cases even exceed the requirements of local, national and community standards and regulations,
  • Rationalize your operating costs, through optimizing the consumption of the resource and recycling all elements that can be used in process water.

A truly local after-sales service

Veolia Water Technologies' expertise is grounded in the design and installation of advanced devices, and extends to their maintenance and upkeep. From day one, benefit from a tailored service contract that includes 24/7 support and the provision of local support staff upon request.    

Our technicians and engineers can provide a wide range of services directly on site. This includes supplying consumables and spare parts, replacing a membrane or deionisation resin and arranging mobile water treatment unit rentals. 

With decades of experience in the field of energy and water technologies, Veolia provides essential services for optimising the value of water.