A Veolia-patented high-performance water clarifier for municipal and industrial water treatment.
Clarification and Flotation


The ACTIFLO® CARB process combines the features and the efficiency of ACTIFLO® with the adsorption qualities of activated carbon to remove compounds that are refractory to water clarification.

ACTIFLO® Pack ACP2 (series)

The Ultimate Microsand enhanced clarifier.

Actiflo® Pack (MINI series)

The pre-engineered Actiflo® Pack (MINI series) is a very compact standard package plant for drinking water treatment.
Clarification and Flotation


The ANITA™ Mox process is specially developed for treatment of streams highly loaded in ammonia.
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

AnoxKaldnes BAS™

The BAS™ biological wastewater treatment process is the optimally designed combination of MBBR and activated sludge processes and is a leading edge process used for treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater.

AnoxKaldnes Hybas™

A biological wastewater treatment solution combining activated sludge and moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) processes for nitrogen removal.

AnoxKaldnes™ Z-MBBR

Veolia Water Technologies AnoxKaldnes has launched a new generation of biofilm carriers for moving bed biofilm reactors: AnoxKaldnes Z-MBBR. The new carrier is the result of two decades of development work.
Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

AnoxKaldnes™ LagoonGuard™

Aerated lagoons are used extensively for the treatment of both municipal and industrial wastewater.

AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR

Combining microbiological expertise with decades of experience in wastewater processes enables us to improve on existing systems and to develop new processes.

Berkefeld PurBev® Carbon Filter

The BERKEFELD PurBev® Carbon Filter is an activated carbon filter engineered according to hygienic design guidelines. It is used for polishing or de-chlorination of water or condensate in food and beverage production.

Berkefeld PurBev® Media Filter

BERKEFELD PurBev® Media Filter are pressurized filters engineered according to hygienic design directives for food and beverage water treatment. Filter media are chosen in function of the application.

Berkefeld PurBev® UF

BERKEFELD PurBev® UF is an ultrafiltration plant engineered according to hygienic design guidelines for food and beverage water treatment.
Membrane Filtration


The Biothane Advanced UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) and Biobed® Advanced EGSB (Expanded Granular Sludge Bed) technologies are extremely compact, high performance anaerobic treatment processes for industrial effluents using granular sludge.

Biobed® Advanced EGSB

The Biobed® EGSB technology (Expanded Granular Sludge Bed) is an extremely compact, high performance anaerobic treatment process for industrial effluents using granular sludge.
Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment


BioCon™ : Veolia Water Technologies’ sludge dryer

Biosep™ / Neosep™

Biosep™ is an aerobic biological treatment process treating municipal and industrial effluents.


Biological Aerated Filter (BAF), the most effective biofilter on the market


Ecodisk® - The Ecological solution for domestic wastewater treatment plants, from 100 to 10,000 Population Equivalent
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment


Perforated stainless steel screen panels are carried on heavy-duty chains and incorporate holes of 6 mm (1/4'') or 3 mm (1/8'') diameter giving fine screening in any direction.


Evaporators for industrial waste and process water treatment, with a maximum capacity of 200 tons of distillate/24h (36.68 gpm).
Evaporation - Distillation - Crystallization


Exelys™ is an innovative and complete sludge reduction solution that works in continuous mode, combining thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion.


Comprehensive range of water treatment chemicals to suit all water treatment needs.
Monitoring and Control Systems

Hydrex™ Biocides

Hydrex™ offers a range of biocides for many applications.
Sludge treatment

Hydrex™ Cooling System Chemicals

For the treatment of cooling systems, Hydrex™ offers the 2000 series.
Sludge treatment

Hydrex™ Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals

For drinking water product applications, Hydrex™ offers the 3000 series.
Sludge treatment

Hydrex™ Other Water Treatment Chemicals

Hydrex™ offers solutions for each specific requirement in terms of chemical water conditioning, including tailor-made formulations.
Sludge treatment

Hydrotech Beltfilter

The Hydrotech Beltfilter is made for efficient filtration and draining of sludge and wastewater.
Sludge treatment

Hydrotech Discfilter

Discfilter offers a large filtering area in a small footprint for municipal effluent polishing and industrial water reuse.

Hydrotech Drumfilter

Patented mechanical self-cleaning drumfilter for municipal and industrial recovery water applications.


An innovative and effective water mixing device.
Clarification and Flotation


Veolia Water Technologies MPP Systems has developed a one step process that will remove both dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons from water.


Proven and adaptable sludge-clarifier technology for municipal and industrial use.
Clarification and Flotation

Multiflo™ Series

Efficient Treatment adapted to meet your needs, the Multiflo™ SERIES offers several treatment solutions depending on the required objectives and the inlet water quality.
Clarification and Flotation


The MUSLING® flotation equipment was developed during the 1980's originally for removing fat and oil from fish-processing sewage outlets. Now, after more than 20 years experience, the MUSLING® has become synonymous with the treatment for both industrial and communal sewage systems.
Clarification and Flotation


Nurion™ reverse osmosis system produces high purity ingredient water for the Food & Beverage Industry.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Sea Water Desalination


The Rotopac™ is a simple device for dewatering and compacting the screenings collected on bar screens and fine screens.

SIRION™ Seawater

The SIRION™ Seawater reverse osmosis systems are specifically designed to treat seawater.


Since 2005, Veolia Water Technologies has developed a rapid DAF process in its portfolio, named Spidflow®. This process responds to treatment needs in case of surface water containing low density particules, algae, floating matters (greases, oils...).
Clarification and Flotation


Veolia has developed a complete range of pre-engineered and standardized SPIDFLOW® PACK units for the treatment of surface water and wastewater polishing
Clarification and Flotation


Struvia technology has been developed by Veolia Water Technologies to facilitate the recovery, the valorisation and the reuse of phosphorus contained in wastewater and in concentrated industrial water.
Wastewater Sidestream Treatment


It is essential to remove the sulphur compounds, which are mainly present in the biogas.


Veolia Water Technologies offers a range of equipment especially designed for (pre-) treatment of Oily Waste Waters either for Upstream or Downstream Oil & Gas applications.
Screening and Separation


Veolia’s AutoFlot is an adaptable and affordable IGF technology designed to provide high performance and greater throughput capacity for the treatment of highly entrained streams that require intensive aeration.
Clarification and Flotation

Whittier™ PowerClean Nutshell Filters

PowerClean® filters are among some of the most advanced nutshell filtration technologies available in the market.