2017-12-01 - Vancouver

Aquaculture Innovation Workshop

Mer enn 180 personer fra 10 land var samlet i Vancouver, British Columbia, 29. november til "The Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute’s 2017 Aquaculture Innovation Workshop" (AIW).

Krüger Kaldnes var en del av AIW 2017 Conferance. Dr. Frederic Gaumet ble invitert til å presentere et foredrag med tittelen "Progressive forbedringer i laks RAS design". Vårt team med Frederic Gaumet, Heidi Kyvik og Andreas Brunstad representerte stolt Kaldnes®RAS Teknologi på dette innovasjonsmøtet for havbruk. Vi delte messen med Veolia Water Technology United State.

Les om Dr. Frédéric Gaumet

Frederic Gaumet is a fish biologist, with a PhD in fish physiology from IFREMER (France). During the last 27 years, he has been working with intensive aquaculture and RAS technology, from research & development to design and building of pilot plants, RAS technical and scientific management in commercial farms. Working in several countries, he had the chance to work on a broad range of species (from Salmon, via European marine fishes like Turbot, sea bass, to sub tropical species like red drum, Cobia, seriola), from broodstock management, intensive larviculture in RAS and pseudo-green-water systems, to intensive Growout in land-based RAS farms. Since 2012, he has been in charge of International business development for RAS technology for Krüger Kaldnes in Norway. Krüger Kaldnes is a subsidiary Business Unit of Veolia Water Technology, the world largest company in water and wastes treatment. Krüger Kaldnes is the application business unit and center of competencies for Veolia WT in regard of RAS technology and aquaculture.