We ensure security every day

In Veolia, we care deeply about sustainability and the environment. Thanks to permanent safety rounds with follow-up meetings and visual reports we delivery the highest standard of facilities and fish welfare.


Biosecurity and flexibility in operation and production yield are Krüger Kaldnes primary concerns when designing a RAS facility together with the client. In order to deliver safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions, Krüger Kaldnes works closely with the client during the entire project duration:

Andreas Bjørnøy og Leopold Von Ubisch, Elektro-Automasjonsingeniør Disiplinl, Krüger Kaldnes
  • Developing detailed and comprehensive production plans, with flexibility and safety in focus
  • Designing a tailored layout, with optimal fish logistics, staff safety and ease of operation
  • Developing safe and stress free fish handling (transport, grading, vaccination, harvesting) solutions and equipment as an integral part of the concept design, project engineering and delivery
  • Supplying the highest level of bio-safety and disinfection of intake water for all our projects
  • Including Escape - free facility design and effluent treatment as part of our delivery to fulfill environmental regulations
  • Addressing Safety and Quality Insurance as an integral part of all stages of construction and plant delivery
  • Allotting all necessary resources and required time during startup, plant commissioning and operating staff training
  • Offering process support, troubleshooting, detailed and comprehensive production plan, with flexibility and safety in focus

The system must work as intended

Krüger Kaldnes is widely acknowledged as the “best player on the block” when it comes to world class RAS solutions. Having supplied the best mechanical filters and biofilters to the market for decades, Krüger Kaldnes was requested to develop integrated solutions for RAS, by aquaculture customers who found that their operations were becoming more industrialised in nature and eliminating system engineering risk had become critical to their commercial viability. 

Krüger Kaldnes' ‘one-stop-shop’ approach of providing a full suite of services from technology supply to turnkey Design & Build services will mean the new facility will be fully tailored to the Client’s needs and that performance and delivery risk can be well defined and transferred to Krüger Kaldnes who is the party best suited to manage and mitigate such risks.

The Kaldnes® RAS concept and process design has at its heart a combination of two market leading Veolia technologies:

  • Hydrotech (a fully owned subsidiary of VEOLIA) is the best microscreen filter for aquaculture currently available on the market
  • AnoxKaldnes (a fully owned subsidiary of VEOLIA) invented and is the world leader in the cutting edge Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) fixed biofilm technology, which is the biological engine of the RAS

The result is a compact, energy efficient solution that delivers tightly regulated water quality.


Krüger Kaldnes offers world-class know-how and technologies for water purification in the aquaculture industry and designs tailored solutions to meet the highest standards. Founded in 1985, Krüger Kaldnes (like Hydrotech and AnoxKaldnes) are fully owned subsidiaries of Veolia Water Technologies - Nordic Region. 

Krüger Kaldnes has been a leading innovator in the delivery of high quality water treatment solutions to the aquaculture industry enabling more sustainable and environmentally responsible aquaculture practices.

The Kaldnes® RAS system developed in 2008, is an example of this innovation leadership. In the same year as the installation of the first Kaldnes® RAS system in Norway, Krüger Kaldnes helped clients to increase production and reduce water consumption by implementing this solution in aquaculture in Norway, France, Switzerland and Vietnam. 

Now we are among the leading RAS-suppliers globally - constructing the largest plants ever!

At Krüger Kaldnes, we develop solutions for complete delivery of land-based fish farms in collaboration with a building contractor. Our focus is on high quality, biosecure fish production and optimal logistics to create well-designed facilities for our clients. The key to our success is our close cooperation with clients during the pre-project planning phases as well as throughout the project execution. Please contact us for more information!

The Movie

In 2013 we launched a Kaldnes® RAS animation on Youtube, based on an existing plant delivered to Marine Harvest in 2011. The movie has been a great success and has as of date more than 110.000 viewers. The animation is also used in Universities for education.